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METASHINE® effects pigments are highly-potent and are produced from microscopic glass flake substrates which are coated with a variety of surface treatments to produce a brilliant yet consistent and well-controlled color, glitter and luster effect when blended with your material.

Each grade consists of a tightly-controlled particle size distribution to deliver a range of effects from isolated starlight to a shimmering metallic lustre. These effects are readily achieved at low addition rates even in bases with low transparency. The coated glass flakes are also extremely thin and when used for personal care applications, they have a high covering power and good tactile feel on the skin.

Due to its composition of industrial glass and metal / metal oxide coatings, METASHINE is very robust and can easily be processed in commercial processing equipment such as polymer extruders and high shear mixers without being degraded

The low addition levels needed to achieve effects using METASHINE minimise any changes in the performance or processing characteristics of the base resin and enables it to be used in a broad range of applications.  It also allows the materials designer a larger area inside his formulation window into which he or she can add other important raw materials.