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3D Printed Squares

Metashine delivers conductivity and style to 3D printing

Work at a UK university has demonstrated that Metashine can deliver Excellent electrical conductivity benefits to 3D printed components .

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Steve Prescott Inspiration

Steve Prescott Foundation Inspirational Video

NGF is a proud sponsor of the Steve Prescott Foundation. Please take the time to look at this inspiration video.

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A global website for a global company

Following our re-branding exercise earlier this year and the focus on our global identity, NGF are pleased to advise that we have now launched our new website.

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2D Printed Circuits

Metashine offers excellent conductivity for 2D printed circuits

The change is subtle and one which you may not even have noticed, however, the reason behind the new look is worthy of mention and should be celebrated.

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New York City  •  May 2-3, 2017  •  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Atlantic City  •  May 15-17, 2017  •  Harrah's Resort
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