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i-NAFLECS™ effects pigments represent a new range of glass flake products developed by NSG. These micron-sized particles are capable of encapsulating functional substances such as pigments or UV absorbers within pre-designed glass flake pores.

Typically, i-NAFLECS flakes are 1 micron thick and have an effective average diameter of 10 microns.

The extent of micro-porosity in the flake can also be controlled to give a range of effects at low addition levels.  Adding to the product design capabilities, the % of pore loading can also be controlled.

i-NAFLECS glass flakes are particularly effective in encapsulating nano-materials within a much larger particle size matrix while preserving the high-performance characteristics typical of many existing nano-materials.  In this way, many of the issues associated with nano-particle handling can be mitigated or eliminated.

i-NAFLECS particles are composed of glass. As a result, the product is extremely durable and can easily be processed in standard equipment such as polymer extruders and high shear mixers without being degraded. They are also extremely thin and therefore have a high covering power and good tactile feel on the skin.